Silostar TMR Protect

Silostar TMR Protect is a highly effective product specially designed to keep TMR feeds fresh.

In particular, Silostar TMR Protect has two main applications:

  1. Keeping TMR fresh at the feeding barrier. TMR usually begins heating as soon as air is introduced to the silage and heating accelerates when concentrate feeds are added. Heating results in the TMR losing up to 30% of its energy value resulting in disappointing animal performance.
  2. Stopping reheating in unstable silages. Aerobically unstable silages start heating when exposed to air, depleting the energy value. SILOSTAR TMR PROTECT stops this heating in its tracks by killing the spoilage organisms causing the heating. It will then keep the silage cool for many times longer than untreated silage.

On-farm, this can help make management more simple and reduce the problems that come with unstable forages. Because Silostar TMR Protect keeps TMR fresh for days, a full TMR mixer can be made two or three times a week rather than a small part load every day. Mixing feed two times per week and only pushing up only in the days in between reduces the labour requirement considerably, especially on weekends and during holiday periods.

Mixing less frequently has another big benefit in reducing the wear and tear on machinery. Mixing a part load and a full load take virtually the same amount of time and place a similar amount of wear and tear on the mixer and tractor. Machinery maintenance and replacement costs are therefore reduced considerably if mixing is only carried out two rather seven times per week.

Making unstable silage is never done by choice but happens occasionally, even with perfect silage making practice. While Silostar TMR Protect can’t stop the loss of energy in the silage pit, it can stop any more damage being done once it is mixed into a TMR. The preservatives in Silostar TMR Protect immediately kill the microbes causing the heating on contact, stopping any further damage.

Silostar TMR Protect contains food grade preservatives and is safe to feed to all farm animals. It is packed in 25kg bags and has a shelf life of two years when kept in a cool, dry place. To get the full benefits of Silostar TMR Protect, simply add to the mixer at the same time as any mineral premixes are added. If none are added, add immediately after any concentrate feeds and mix thoroughly.

Dose Rate. Silostar TMR Protect should be added at a rate up to 2kg/t of fresh weight TMR, usually 1-2kg/t. It may take some trial and error to determine exactly how much is needed because the exact dose will depend on how many days stability are required. It will also depend on the level of instability of the forage. If more time without heating is required, simply add a little more Silostar TMR Protect to each mix until the desired stability is reached.