Nothing provides better results and returns on farm than an outstanding silage. This starts with an excellent crop grown in the field, but is only completed when there is full preservation of the forage nutritional value, from field to feedbunk. That is our goal. Our products are born in science, produced with excellence and approved by farmers. We bring real results to your bottomline:

BONSILAGE. Market and innovation leader since 2000.

Any professional milk producer knows that the quality of the base feed is a decisive factor for milk yields, sustainable animal health and therefore cost-efficient milk production. Shaumann has been supporting milk producers in making perfect grass and maize silages with BONSILAGE silage additives for more than 20 years.

An entirely new generation of silage additives has been developed based on intensive research that brings together the most recent insights into the physiology of metabolic processes in animals with specialist knowledge of animal nutrition and lactic acid bacteria that has been aggregated and refined over decades. The BONSILAGE BASIC, BONSILAGE SPEED and BONSILAGE FIT product groups now deliver uniquely innovative silage additives that are perfectly adapted to your harvesting and feeding conditions and specifically matched to your individual needs.

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