All Passion Films are made from high performance oxygen barrier film.

The technology used to make these films is scientifically proven, and the products have been used successfully on farms, throughout the world, for many years. All these products have the best barrier properties on the market, as well as claims which are backed by independent trial work.


Passion Yellow

Maximum barrier, maximum cling

At only 45 microns, Passion Yellow is engineered to drape and cling into silage nooks and crannies to eliminate air pockets. Protection doesn’t get any better

Passion Supreme

Maximum barrier, maximum convenience

This combination, 80 micron product provides oxygen barrier (OB) and UV protection along with  come cling performance. Must be protected from physical damage

Passion White on Black

Maximum barrier, maximum convenience

Get oxygen barrier (OB) protection and familiarity of traditional plastic. It’s durable as a stand- alone product without protective cover— and the white top surface keeps the silage cooler.



Worldwide independent and University research trials prove the superiority of Oxygen Barrier Film compared to regular silage covers.



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