Bonsilage Whole Crop                            & Whole Crop Plus

Successful preservation in a difficult to ensile crop

Whole crop silages are some of the most difficult crops to ensile.  Low sugar levels mean that there is less for bacteria to transform into fermentation acids making a rapid pH drop less likely. The hollow nature of the stem also means a lot of air can be trapped in the silage and the “all too often” high dry matter nature of whole crop silage means that it is prone to heating when opened.

Bonsilage WCS & WCS Plus are designed to work under these difficult conditions. They utilise a combination of specialist homofermentative lactic acid bacteria and strong heterofermentative acetic acid producing bacteria which are unique to Bonsilage.

The results are a rapid drop in pH at ensiling through strong lactic acid production and the effective production of acetic acid to combat yeast and mould growth in the silage face.

Whole crop silages are often fed out at much slower rates than grass silage, meaning that the face is often exposed to air for longer. The rapid production of acetic acid by using Bonsilage WSC & WCS Plus minimises that possibility.

Range of application:

WCS 25-35% DM
WCS Plus 25-45%

Minimum storage period - 6 weeks

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