OLIGAS range

A mixture of CUSTOM essential trace elements that optimise and ensure a 100% performance of biogas plants

  1. Concentrated dosage 
  2. Easy to use
  3. Health and safety for the operator
  4. Biodegradable bags


A complete solution: concentrated trace elements that help recover production immediately in the event of poor production or acidosis.

Integra is a liquid product for biogas plants with pre-feed tanks.

Rimedia is a powder product to be added to the biomass feeding hoppers.

Both products are suitable for any type of plant:

  • Small plants (100 kW/300 kW) fed with animal waste only
  • Large plants (500 kW/1 MW) fed with biomass

Trace element supplements

OLIgas is a customised product available in liquid and powder form. Each plant has different mechanical and feeding features, which require a tailor-made product.

The OLIgas production process includes the following steps:

  • Analytical evaluation and professional consulting service provided by Methodo Chemicals® biologists to identify critical deficiencies that can affect the process;
  • Formulation of an OLIgas supplementation plant, which may consist of:

> Supplementation of one or more elements to solve the detected deficiency in one go

> Quarterly, six-monthly, or yearly supplementation plan with weekly doses

> Supplementation in one go and subsequent yearly maintenance with weekly doses;

> Quarterly inspection of the concentrations to confirm or change the formulation.

The operator never comes into contact with the product because the biodegradable bag is introduced in the plant as is.

OLIgas, in association with correct biological management, ensures consistent production.


Available in 25-litre drums and 240-litre barrels

The chelated salts are immediately available for methanogenic bacteria.

Being a liquid product, it can be introduced directly in the fermentation system, pre-feed tank, or on the biomass.

The recommended dose is 0.2 l/day every 100 KW.


Its special formula speeds up the methanogenic bacteria’s use of the accumulated volatile organic acids (in the event of acidosis or alkalosis).

RIMEDIA is available in 5 Kg biodegradable bags. The recommended dose, in the event of considerable accumulation that can compromise the fermenter’s biology, ranges from 2.5 to 5.0 kg/day every 100 KW until the problem is solved.

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