METHO detox 

Plant mineral mixture that helps:

  1. Reducing ammoniacal nitrogen toxicity.

  2. Improving the production of biogas in the event of alkalosis.


Recommended for plants with:

  • Alkalosis problems.
  • Fed with chicken waste or products high in protein, which use recirculation for waste dilution.


METHO detox , thanks to the combined action of minerals, plant substances, and trace elements, helps increase bacterial osmotic stress resistance and reduce the toxicity of free ammonia, thereby promoting bacterial metabolism both during the hydrolytic and methanogenic stages, ensuring the plant’s top performance.

METHO detox exploits the selective ion exchange with ammonium ions to segregate part of the ammoniacal nitrogen, thereby reducing the amount of free ammonia.

Moreover, a plant extract increases bacterial resistance to high salt concentrations, which occur with large amounts of external recirculation of chicken and zootechnical waste or organic fraction of urban solid waste.




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