COMBI zyme

Enzyme product that helps:

  1. Reducing the material fed into the fermenter by 10%.

  2. Reducing mixing time and viscosity of the digested material.

  3. Eliminating pumping problems.


COMBI zyme is indicated for biogas plants of any size that:

  • Require large amounts of plant biomass.
  • Use zootechnical waste.
  • Have short hydraulic residence times.
  • Use autumn-winter silage.
  • Use materials high in fibre.


COMBI zyme contains the enzymes necessary for speeding up plant cell disaggregation, hydrolysing all the main complex molecules, making the cells 100% available, and converting them into sugar, amino acids and fatty acids, which will then be quickly metabolised by the bacteria involved in the anaerobic digestion process.

Nowadays, an increasing number of biogas plants are using sustainable biomass, which requires longer residence times.

COMBI zyme increases the plant’s efficiency, thanks to its broad-spectrum activity, thereby reducing hydraulic residence times.



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