Realistic Agri

For over 20 years Realistic Agri has been working alongside the professionals who feed both ruminant and monogastric animals. We supply products and advice that are targeted by species, feeds and the aspirations of specialist animal producers.

The products that we supply are researched, specific and targeted at maximising production, minimising costs and providing a solution to a problem.

We have many years of experience supplying these solutions to animal production professionals in many countries throughout the world. The partnerships that we have formed with farmers, nutritionists and feed mills has enabled a greater choice of ingredients, the inclusion of more locally produced feeds, the reduction of more expensive ingredients and more environmentally sustainable animal production.


Realistic Agri is pleased to offer the full range of Schaumann Group products for sale in the British Isles.

Products of the Schaumann Group are used worldwide in all aspects of animal production in both ruminants and monogastric species. Founded in 1938, Schaumann is still a family owned company. They are regular winners of innovation in agriculture awards and focus hugely on research and development of new products to bring true advances in technology to the agriculture industry. To assist with innovation, they have their own 620ha research farm at Gut H├╝lsenberg in northern Germany where they have a 210 cow, high yielding dairy herd as well as pig and poultry units. In addition to this, there are three biogas plants used for testing different feedstocks and additive products. They have 6 production units in Germany and Austria and operate in dozens of countries worldwide.

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